Our History

The Jim Watts Story

Once upon a time many years ago, on the shores of Webb Pond, in the beautiful White Mountains near Weld, Maine lived a lovely girl named Carrel who spent her summers at the base of Tumbledown Mt. Seasons came and went until the Spring of '45 when she married Lloyd Pray. They moved to Wisconsin in '68 to a charming farmhouse just off Pioneer Rd. When the road to the homestead was put in they were asked to name it. Carrel had the honors and proclaimed Tumbledown Trail as the path to their new home, now known as the Tumbledown Farm. Along in 1972 they sold some land to a neighbor named Jim. He promptly built his home and established his stake as the Tumbledown Ranch (he did have a few good horses). In changing direction a bit, Mr. Watts constructed a golf course in 1991 and naturally, now you know the rest of the story...
Tumbledown Trails Golf Course opened it's first nine in September of 1993 and the second in June of 1997. Jim Watts (1933-2003) owned Watts Landscape Service and had built & renovated several courses including Telemark in Hayward and Lac Labelle in Oconomowoc. What started out as a 170 yard hole from his back yard turned into one of Dane County’s Best Kept Secrets. The course is quiet & serene, only 2 holes are near any roads, and on a good day you can play 18 Holes in 3 hours or less.
To escape the routine without spending much time on the road, head to Tumbledown Trails on the far west side. Just minutes from West Town Mall, Tumbledown Trails is beautifully landscaped & maintained but without the inflated rates of many courses. The 18 Hole, Par 72 layout measures 6,501 yards. The Front Nine features plenty of sand as well as the Signature Hole at #8. The Back Nine, on the other hand, has several beautiful ponds that will catch your eye and maybe your ball if you’re not careful. The course is set up perfect for group outings & tournaments, challenging to the scratch golfer but not intimidating to the beginner.